Fashion Journalist, Boston Herald





What is your idea of perfect happiness? Three weeks vacation, somewhere warm


What is your greatest fear? Something happening to my children.


Which living person do you most admire? My mom


What is the trait you most deplore in yourself? I can hold a grudge.

What is the trait you most deplore in others? Close-mindedness

What is your greatest extravagance? Starbucks more than twice a week.

What is your favorite journey? Parenthood

What do you consider the most overrated virtue? Youth

On what occasion do you lie? To manipulate my kids.

What do you dislike most about your appearance? My skin! Serums, stat!

What I your greatest regret? That I didn't study abroad during college.


What or who is the greatest love of your life? My family

When and where were you happiest? On my honeymoon in France


What talent would you most like to have? Piano


What is your current state of mind? Overextended and poised to lose my memory

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be? To learn to enjoy the journey more than the destination


If you could change one thing about your family, what would it be? A housekeeper would be nice.


What do you consider your greatest achievement? My daughters

If you could choose what to come back as, what would it be? A garden

What is your most treasured possession? My grandmothers' jewelry


Where would you like to live? In the Berkshires


What is your favorite occupation? Author


What is your most marked characteristic? Professional and personal integrity


What is the quality you like most in a man? Generosity and confidence 


What is the quality you like most in a woman? Brains

What do you most value in your friends? Loyalty, life experience


Who are your favorite writers? Harper Lee, Charles Dickens, Anne Proulx, John Updike

Who is your favorite hero of fiction? Jem


Who are your heroes in real life? Those who work with the most fragile.

What are your favorite names? Madeline, Lillian, Eleanor, Louis,

What is it that you most dislike? Five-day work weeks

Which era of fashion history do you personally romanticize the most? The 1960s


Which three fashion icons, past or present, would you most want to meet? Coco Chanel, Diana Vreeland, Alexander McQueen

Who do you think has made the greatest contribution to the art fashion in the past 10 years? McQueen


Where did you first experience the power of fashion? In 5th grade at Williams School.

What is your current go-to fashion accessory? Costume bracelets


How many pairs of shoes do you own? 50


How do you weigh in on fashion versus style? You can pay for fashion. Style can't be bought.


What trend do you regret having followed? Perms. Neon in the 80s. Banana Republic's safari season in the mid-90s.