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wednesday, september 28, 2011




All that glitters... is gold at Denise Hajjar's fashion show to benefit Dress for Success at the Fairmont Copley Plaza. It's easy to understand the glamour coming down the runway when you see the magic being created in a back stage dressing area fit for a queen!


Backstage at Denise Hajjar 2011





To Jenn Barron and Lauren Antos, the team behind the charming Lily & Migs collection. And the M. Miller collection that made us long for winter wonderlands.


Lily & Migs




M. Miller



Meet Bethany Van Delft. Bethany has graced many of Boston's fashion runways as a model extraordinaire over the years. Everyone knows she's funny, but what some who know her through the fashion industry might not know is that she is a comedienne on the verge of greatness, or at least a sitcom deal. She'll be sharing her model musings all through Boston Fashion Week.



Waiting For Tina – Part I


One time my husband and I met my booker for drinks. We had ordered cocktails and were deep into dish when we were joined by M, a very sweet model with whom I had worked a few times. My booker and I scampered out for a cigarette, leaving my husband and M alone. Post-smoke my booker went to the powder room, while I returned to the bar to find them sitting in menacing silence, looking like someone had put earwax in their drinks. "Um, so," I said hoping to out-awkward the current vibe, "How's that iPhone?" The iPhone had just come out, like 10 minutes earlier, and as every cool model did, M already had one. "It's fine, and you can tell this jerk I'm not stupid!" this jerk being my husband. Whahahappen while I was away was this: my tech geek husband, having read every word written about the iPhone in the last year, bombarded M with questions such as, "Are you having trouble with calls? Is it hard to text on? Is the touch screen difficult to use?" and so on in rapid fire. To M, it sounded like some douchebag curious as to how a dumb model was finding such a complicated piece of technology. She first gave him one word answers, then for a while just ignored him and texted (just fine, she assured me later), until fed up she yelled, "I know what you think! I am not stupid!" seconds before I walked back in. "I don’t think you are stupid," hubby said to M, "Rude and crazy, but not stupid."

to be continued tomorrow...



boston fashion is smart.


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Be sure to check out the Greater Boston coverage of Boston Fashion Week on with Emily Rooney and Jared Bowen. The Improper Bostonian's fashion editor Alexandra Hall and Boston Fashion Week Founder & Executive Director are on the set to discuss the latest exciting developments for Boston's weeklong celebration of style.



“Having one central location will really create an opportunity

 to make this a premiere event for the city,’’ Menino said.

“This is going to be a truly professional event,

and our talent in Boston deserves that.’’

Mayor Thomas Menino quoted in The Boston Globe's

front page story by Christopher Muther on April 2, 2011 - CLICK HERE:
"Fashion Week Gets a New Look - Bringing Designers Under One Big Tent"








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The Marcel Proust Questionnaire is the perfect tool to get to know a few of Boston's fashion industry professionals. We've taken the liberty of adding a few fashion questions into the mix for fun. We'll hear from different parts of the industry each day this week.




Amanda Maciel Antunes


Liana Krupp


Martini Severin


We encourage you to join us on Facebook, cut, paste, and post your answers to the Proust Questionnaire: The Fashion Edition!



On the schedule TODAY
Check the schedule for details! CLICK HERE


2pm - on the Boston Fashion Trail
Accessorize Yourself at THE Chocolatier’s TABLE
Catalina de la Torre

5pm - Boston Fashion: A Back Stage Class
6:30pm - on the Boston Fashion Trail
Fine Art Fete

7pm - A Charmed Night at Alex & Ani

8pm - A Model Party at Forum
8:30pm - on the Boston Fashion Trail
Poetic Escape at Blue Wave Lounge
10pm - A Head Above Fashion

After Party at District


Accessorize Yourself at THE Chocolatier’s TABLE

Sharyn Fireman

& Murton Sudalter

Magdalena Stokalska
& Michal Dobosz

Don't forget to take advantage of the many great offers on the Boston Fashion Trail this week! There's still time to treat yourself. There's so much to choose from. Hotel Chocolat on Newbury Street has been hosting a  pop-up shop featuring a different accessory designer each day. Check out who is on the schedule for the rest of the week and buy yourself something pretty! boston fashion trail















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